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Hi there, Alicia here, and along with Lorette, Mitali and Ivana

As you know, you’ve just invested in Viral SociMasters, which includes the brilliant FB Event Generator, that auto-creates Viral Events in 12 of the most popular restaurant niches (4 events in each, a total of 48 events)…

But how amazing would it be if you could DOUBLE this and grab a total of 96 Viral Events, all Done For You?

Setbacks Of Doing It All By Yourself

  • You still need to take TIME out to create Viral Events for each restaurant (after using up your first 48)
  • You still need to put in EFFORT creating the wording, graphics, etc.
  • You could MESS THINGS UP, have to start over, and maybe even need to make multiple attempts to see big results

We want to save you all that time and effort of figuring it all out on your own, navigate you away from all the mistakes, and get you the best, fastest results possible.

We’ve decided to hand over to you, right here on this page, another 48 Done-For-You FB Viral Events, each one tested and proven to bring in an avalanche of customers to a restaurant, via the Facebook Local app

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Another 48 Proven Done-For-You FB Viral Events

Viral SociMasters
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Get Access to Viral SociMasters FB Event Generator Pro

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Get Access to Viral SociMasters FB Event Generator Pro

I’ve tested, tweaked and optimized my done-for-you FB Viral Events, so they grab people's’ attention on the Facebook Local app, and get them to visit a restaurant.

However, I’ve also picked up an ‘extra’ idea that works extremely well.

FB Viral Events is an awesome way to get new customers through restaurants’ doors… But there’s also a way to turn one-time restaurant customers into profitable returning customers.

And that’s by using attractive flyers advertising Viral Events.

My team and I have gone through all the trial and error, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to!

Today, you can get your hands on 12 Proven Viral Event Flyers (one of each in the most popular restaurant niches)…

Each one comes with done-for-you content and graphics, and are 100% editable on Canva (free graphic design tool), so you can quickly and easily add restaurant name, logos, photos…anything at all.

These are perfect for handing over to your restaurant clients, so they can distribute anywhere on their premises, drum up extra interest and business from current customers, and get them to return!

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